Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lots and Lots and Lots - Part 3/3

First up, of course, is yet another plug for my Mega Contest. There are now 37 contestants with about a billion total entries, and many more to come. Three contest-related packages from fellow blogophiles have already made it to my home, and all three of these looney tunes forewent the PWE in favor of jam-packed bubble mailers. Good on all of ya. There will be an update hopefully tomorrow as well as a NINTH prize added to the goodies. All the more reason to participate.
Last day of the Sportlots hall. Let's end the formalities and do it to it.

This is a 2003 Fleer Double Header Austin Kearns/Adam Dunn. I had always seen the higher numbers in this checklist listed with 2 numbers and 2 names, and never knew why. Or cared to, really. The first 100-something base cards are smaller than standard, so I assumed these were some type of folding silliness. I was correct, though I underestimated the silly. You can see the line through Kearns' legs. This is the top edge of the unfolded card...

Ye gods. They made a card where Austin Kearns and Adam Dunn share a pair of legs. How very, very odd.

Here we go. Regular, old cardboard, courtesy of Topps and Upper Deck. I love the Gold Label releases. I need more of them. That Foster in the center finally finishes up the Decade 70's team set. And the Bichette on the lower right says 'Reds' on it, despite the Rockies uniform, so it totally counts as a need.

The complete team sets of 2014 Bowman and 2014 Bowman Draft. Standard Bowman fare, here. It's nice to introduce these 4 prospects to the collection as my first card of each.

And the Chrome version of the prospects. Sure, why not?

Some UD goodnes. Multiple team sets finished up with these. That Boone is miscut. Boo.

More UD. I like the Black Diamond release, though my scanner does not.


I think these complete everything I need from the Ted Williams release. I don't know why this set didn't catch on. It's pretty slick. Probably just got steamrolled by the Big 4.

Well there ya go. Big shout out to Sportlots dealer bryanscs. In fact, I just put it an order for 150 more cards. I'm pumped.

Go Reds.

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