Thursday, June 26, 2014

Late to the Party: 2014 Topps Archives/2014 Topps Series 2

As usual, I wait a bit to pick up the latest goodness. It usually takes two new releases and a half dozen newly added older sets for me to pick up enough stuff at JustCommons to get the free shipping, so I don't mind waiting. Let's check out the Redsy goodness.

Just like last year, the Reds weren't spread evenly over all designs. Six of the eleven non-SP base cards were given the 1980 design. I was hoping for more 1986's, but such is life. As far as these, Joe Morgan and Tony Perez had actual 1980 Topps releases, thought Perez was an Expo at the time. Also, I love that Eric Davis is making it into a lot of sets lately.
See how sweet that '86 Tony Cingrani is? Man, I want more. Frank Robinson had an iconic 1973 Topps card as a Dodger, so this one feels funny. And again, Topps seems to know something about David Holmberg that I don't since they keep throwing him into sets. I'm missing, and probably will always be missing, the Brandon Phillips and Billy Hamilton short prints. I'll get over it.

Picked up a Gold Aroldis just because. Serial numbered out of 199, of course.

Now some Topps Series 2 base. Looking good. The Mesoraco is very regal. The Santiago and Schumaker are their first Reds cards. And Phillips ridin' the pony is great.

Mat Latos base, Joey Votto SaberStars (pissing off old fogies, I'm sure), BP gold, and Johnny 50 years of the Draft (this was Series 1, actually). Nice.

Zack Cozart gets another sweet horizontal card this year. Last year's was a favorite, and this one is pretty sweet too. So I snagged a Gold version to join it. The Billy Hamilton was stolen off eBay for 11 cents and hasn't arrived yet. He's the only one missing.

Less than a week for the Mega Contest, FYI. I'm very eager to rid myself of all these cards.

Go Reds.


  1. Great cards. I do enjoy watching folks get all upset about the "SaberStats" stuff. It's just humorous to see.

    1. I mean, batting average is a mathematical calculation that no one ever had a problem with. Even slugging percentage has been a mainstay since forever. just because the math got more complicated, everyone dismisses it.