Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Round 1 of Contest Packages and a 9th Prize For You All

I opened up an overflowing mailbox on Monday. Is there a better feeling in this hobby than receiving mystery packages? I say no. TJ the Junior Junkie, Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown, and Bo of Baseball Cards Come to Life all jumped on the chance to send me some Redsy goodness. Thank them for reducing your odds of winning by giving them some clicks.

Here be the new cards added to the Red Cardboard collection.

Junior Junkie:
The Morgan and Seaver Fleer Box Scores are both numbered 0367/2950. Hey where have I seen that Morgan photo in the Classic Combinations? That badass Phillips is numbered out of 2012. And Deacon White/Pat Moran both have ties to the Reds, so since these cards aren't team specific, I choose to count them. Excellent.

Baseball Card Breakdown:
That Larkin is a Pacific Prism from the 90's. Friggin sweet. That Griffey is my 5000th card from UD Documentary. Only 12,000 Reds to go! And is the Target Red getting more and more pink over the years or am I losing my mind? If the Target Red was the same color as the Cincinnati Red, man, these cards would be stellar.

Baseball Cards Come to Life:

Nice haul, here. How awesome is that Fun Pack scratchoff? Man, I wanna scratch it so bad. But I won't. For the record, I find Minor League cards equally worthy collectibles. I love learning about new guys who couldn't quite make it to The Show. Well done on adding twenty cards to the collection, broseph.

Ok, so you're wondering what the 9th prize is. Well, here is what ELSE these gentlemanly squires sent:

The first is the overage from the Junkie and the second is the overage from BC Breakdown. I think. I might have mixed em up and/or mashed em together (after the official tally, of course). I thought this might happen, but not this much. And I'm to understand more of this is on the way from many of you.

So in an effort to pay forward all this goodness, the ninth prize in the Mega Contest will be all the doubles from the packages sent for this contest. There's some good stuff in there, I tells ya. I'll spare you the over-production era stuff. And some cards were plucked to add girth to the other prizes (for instance, 3 inserts were added to the insert prize and 6 or 7 Vottos/Larkins were thrown into that prize). But everything else will go into a box and shipped away to a winner. So celebrate your 12.5% increased odds of winning with a bottle of scotch, some fresh packs, and a ballgame on the TV box. Woot woot.

Thanks for the cards, brozillas. Go Reds.

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