Monday, June 23, 2014

Completely Red - 1980 Burger King Pitch, Hit & Run

A quickie Completely Red today. Burger King released a 33 card set in 1980, via Topps, to be found in their restaurant's kids' meals. The design is the same as the 1980 Topps flagship, save for the Burger King logo replacing the Topps logo. Since it was released later in the year, they used some updated photos, mostly for traded players, but not always. Case in point: the Tom Seaver flagship card uses a different Reds photo, whereas the George Foster uses the same photo.

The Reds got 2 cards of the 33. Kind of surprised Johnny Bench didn't make the cut, but who knows what was going on with licensing back then. No matter. Seaver and Foster make for a nice combo. And damn, those sideburns, kid.


Cards - 2

RC's - 0

All Stars - 2 (Seaver, Foster)

Hall of Famers - 1 (Seaver)

Reds Hall of Famers - 2 (Seaver, Foster)

Facial Hair - Disco Era


10 Tom Seaver
15 George Foster

Go Reds.

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