Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Cards with Autographs on Them

Here are some.

Darrel Chaney, Red 1969-1975. Member of the 1975 World Series champs. Former Braves announcer.

Billy Hatcer, Red 1990-1992. Member of the 1990 World Series champs. Record .750 BA in the World Series.

Eric Milton, Red 2005-2007. Pitched a no-hitter in 1999. All Star in 2001.

Wily Mo Pena, Red 2002-2005. Beat the snot out of the baseball. Heads the MoPeace Foundation.

Kalvoski Daniels, Red 1986-1989. Hit over .300/.400/.500 with the Reds. Greatest Major Leaguer of all time named Kalvoski.

Go Reds.

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