Tuesday, April 12, 2016

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There was a card show in town. I went to it and bought some cards. Now I am showing them to you on my blog.

Hemingway, eat your heart out. That's some top quality wordsmanship right there.

1919-21 W514 Strip Card Jake Daubert. My third from this set. Daubert was the 1913 NL MVP and a member of the Reds Hall of Fame. Nice.

1964 Topps Giants Vada Pinson. This completes the team set for me (with Jim Maloney and Frank Robinson).

2016 Donruss Back to the Future Relics Green /49 Johnny Cueto. I wonder if the guy selling this noticed the serial number, because it was way too cheap for being one of only 49. Most importantly, though, is that this is my ninth Cueto relic. Full page, baby.

2014 Topps Black /63 Mat Latos. I have two of these black parallels now. Team set, here I come.

2014 Donruss Stat Line /158 Brandon Phillips. Hey, it's someone still with the team. Huzzah!/

2012 Panini Golden Age Mini Red Candy Crofts Back Pete Rose. I didn't even notice this was a rare back version until I got home. It was in a quarter box and a quarter for a regular Rose mini is perfectly acceptable, much less a rare one.

2015 Donruss Diamond Kings Auto Dual Relic Yorman Rodriguez. Awesome card, right here.

Go Reds.