Friday, April 1, 2016

COMC COMA - Part 3

Here be the rest of the COMC haul. Check the archives for the past two parts. Or don't. WHATEVER, MAN. Roll em.

1965 Topps Pete Rose, complete with authentic 1965 tape residue. This is the only condition of a mid-60's Pete Rose that will fall in my cheapness range. It's a beauty.

1962 Topps Green Tint Dave Sisler, Eddie Kasko, Bob Purkey. The tint is easier to see in person, I think. This is three of the six Reds from the set with this printing variation. For the record, this was due to sales being higher than expected after Topps had begun printing the next series, so they outsourced some more printing and got shoddy product. Now, fifty years later, here I am, paying a premium for them. Weird world.

Mike Leake sparklies? Mike Leake Sparklies.

1975 Greyhound Heroes of the Base Path (Blue Background) Joe Morgan. I had the Red background version, which is the same card, but made in early 1976, instead of late 1975.

This order was so long ago, that I had just today received my next COMC order. It never ends. And I never want it to, it would seem.

Go Reds.


  1. Good score on the green tints. Some of them are tough to differentiate from the regular cards

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