Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Stuff c/o COMC - Part 3

The rest.

Hit it.
2014 Topps Green Billy Hamilton. Sure. These are kinda rare, I guess?

Bowman Blues. Serialed out of 500 or 399, I will have all of them within 5 years.

Same with Topps Gold. ALL. OF. THEM.


90's inserts? 2015's? An oddball? Why am I asking questions?

Nonsense parallels seem to be my bread and butter today.

The thickness.

Prism refractor and x-fractor. These are real things in our world.

I miss Adam Dunn home runs. They were huge.

Gypsy blue frames. I love Gypsy frames. I will always buy them,

Go Reds.

P.S. I hate the Cubs.

P.P.S. Not really. We just suck. Go Reds anyway.

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