Thursday, April 21, 2016

New Stuff c/o COMC - Part 1

It never ends. I will never own a copy of every Reds card. Never.

But I still try. Here be the newest babies in my crib.

1953 Bowman B&W Howie Judson. Picking away nicely at this set.

1953 Bowman Color Willard Matshall. This set as well. Hey, is that crease noticeable? Naw.

1970 Sportss Collectors Photostamps Wayne Granger. Sure, why not?

NOT stupid old Topps...

...Splendid old O-Pee-Chee! Cheeeeeeeeeee!

Oh, how bout a couple of autos? Joe Valentine played all 45 lifetime innings with the Reds from 2003-2005. Never played for the Astros, despite the logo on the card. Miguel Perez had all three career at-bats for the Reds in 2005.

1975 Topps Mini Sparky Anderson/Reds Team Card. I only need the Pete Rose cards from the set now. Need some beat-up copies that no one else wants to show up. Then they will be mine.

Part 2 tomorrow. Go Reds.


  1. O pee chee. Just scored the 71 Yaz yesterday to complete the o pee chee run.

    1. It's bittersweet finishing a set though, ain't it? No more hunting.

    2. It is. But on to the next chase