Sunday, November 15, 2015

Vote in The Oddball World Cup: Groups O/P, Second Pairings (The Final Second Pairings)

After this vote, we'll have cycled through two matches for all 96 cards. Nice. Good job by you.

As always, vote for your favorite. Voting closes Tuesday. Go Reds.

Group O/Match 4: 1993 Colla Collection Barry Larkin vs. 1992 Kellogg's Tony Perez

Group O/Match 5: 2000 7-Eleven Sean Casey vs. 2002 MLB Showdown Ken Griffey Jr.

Group O/Match 6: 1993 Milk Bone Barry Larkin vs. 1993 Jimmy Dean Barry Larkin

Group P/Match 4: 1993 DiamondMarks Barry Larkin vs. 1989 Toys 'R Us Chris Sabo

Group P/Match 5: 1991 SI For Kids Jose Rijo vs. 2010 DAV Johnny Cueto

Group P/Match 6: 1991 MooTown Snackers Chris Sabo vs. 1990 Long John Silver's Chris Sabo

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