Friday, November 13, 2015

Vote in The Oddball World Cup: Groups M/N, Second Pairings

Another kudos to all of you brave enough to join this quest of a thousand posts. I'm wicked pumped to see the results, but many, many votes are to come to pass before then. Let's keep it rockin'.

Voting closes Sunday at noon. Go Reds.

Group M/Match 4: 1993 Post Barry Larkin vs. 1982 Squirt Dave Concepcion

Group M/Match 5: 1992 Topps Magazine Reggie Sanders vs. 2011 SI For Kids Johnny Cueto

Group M/Match 6: 1988 RiteAid Eric Davis vs. 1988 Bazooka Eric Davis

Group N/Match 4: 1995 MegaCards Griffeys vs. 1982 TCMA Ted Kluszewski

Group N/Match 5: 1991 Conlon Eppa Rixey vs. 1992 24k Gold Tony Perez

Group N/Match 6: 1990 Swell Johnny Vander Meer vs. 1983 Reds Yearbook Dave Concepcion


  1. I feel like the Griffeys versus Kluszewski should be a final four matchup. That was the toughest one to pick so far in the tournament.