Sunday, November 1, 2015

Big Piles of Parallels

COMC, of course. Been on a binge of search:Cincinnati Reds, sort:lowest price, select:all. It has lead to a gluttony of parallel goodness. How about 30 or so for your eyeballs this morning, eh?

Why were there so many Bowman Blues sitting around for cheap? They weren't all from the same seller. It just happened. Most are numbered out of 500, except for the newest prospect cards, which were dropped down to 399.

Topps Finest Blue Refractor, Panini Prizm Camo, Bowman Chrome Purple, Topps Chrome Blue. So shiny.

Oh, just boring old regular refractors. Who cares, right? I do. That's who.

The rarer, but uglier, x-fractor. So weird.

Bowman Orange, Donruss Elite Extra Edition Turn of the Century, I forget what that other Sean Casey is and the the scan sucks so whatever, some Bowman Silver Ice, a UD CC Gold Signature (sweet), and a Flagship Gold.

Will this collection never end? Indubitably.

Go Reds. And Go Bengals. Beat the f#%@ing Steelers.

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