Saturday, March 17, 2018

Bat Blog-Around - My Minutia

Or is it blog bat-around? Or bat-around-the-blog? Or is it show-your-specific-flavor-of-insanity-around? Probably that one.

Here are all my stupid projects, in reverse order of how much I care about em.

  • Flagship Pages

One from each flagship set, 1951-2018. Superstars are not a requirement, but I will bump cards off of these pages for upgrades without hesitation.

  • Shaq/Junior/Big Hurt

I saw Shaq break a backboard at LSU on TV. Hooked for life. Frank Thomas was just always loved. As was Griffery. If there's a stray one of these three in a quarter box, I take it. This is a maximum price.
  • 1991 Sets

1991 is when this all started for me. Specifically, '91 Topps. But '91 Score won my heart. If I see a five dollar set at a show that I don't have, I snag it. Baseball, football, and basketball. The nostalgia is real.

  • Cincinnati Bengals

One card of every Bengal who has suited up. Simple. Also impossible to get everybody, even more so than baseball.

  • Opening Day Binder

The Opening Day starting nine from each year. Nicely arranged by position on the field. I really like this binder. This page is from 2000, fyi.

  • Columbus Clippers

One card of every player who played for the Columbus Clippers and made the majors. Why? I live in Columbus and go to about 20 games a year.

  • Hall of Fame Binder

One card of everyone in the Hall of Fame. Everyone. Execs, umpires, players, coaches. Preferably a card from their playing days, but that's too pricey. I'm down to only needing a dozen or so, all execs and Negro Leaguers. It's been stalled for so long I'm about to design my own and have them printed on thick stock by some internet service.

  • The Frankenpages

A full page of each card number, composed entirely of doubles. I love replacing cards in these with upgrades. I feel less stupid about grabbing doubles when they improve these pages.

  • IP Autographs

Many by TTMs. Many from eBay. Many from card shows. I only require one of each player, but sometimes more appear. Still looking for an auto from that 1869 team.

  • The Collection
The main monster. Every Red possible. Autos, relics, vintage, modern, parallels, variations, oddballs. It's all good. Quantity over quality always. Could I flip all of my Pacific parallels and O-Pee-Chee sets for a Pete Rose rookie? Maybe. But I haven't, so I must not really want one. I'm currently sitting on 20,294 unique Reds. And that doesn't count the non-official autos. Those are separate. I'm trying to picture myself unloading all these cards in my old age. I can't picture it. You will have to build my coffin out of my binders. YOU HEAR ME? Bury me in cardboard. Line the grave with 9-pocket pages. Put it all in one big-ass screw-down. I will never quit you, Reds cards.

Go Reds.


  1. Ha! good info and well-written post. I dig the flagship pages project. I mean, I REALLY DIG THIS PROJECT. Damn you!

  2. Nice collection. Like Stealing Home, I dig the flagship idea too, but got too much going on already to get one going. I guess my checklist set collection is a good substitute.

  3. Wow, you cover a whole lot in those pages! "One of each" is a great way to cover as many players and sets as possible..I think Billy (cardboard History) does something similar with basketball.

    "You will have to build my coffin out of my binders. YOU HEAR ME? Bury me in cardboard." Lol, I hear you! Can't imagine how many binders/bookshelves you've got in your house.

    I'm doing a Cincy/Columbus post next week on my blog. Stop by if you're interested, I always appreciate feedback from an expert on the area.

  4. I really like that Opening Day page idea. Going to have to remeasure the rooms in the house to see if they'll fit in another couple binders.

  5. NO brought me here with his latest post and I just wanted to say I love your opening day page idea. It doesn't work for me as a Mariners fan but cool idea nonetheless