Monday, November 7, 2016

Back from Retirement with the Card Show Haul of The Decade - Part 1

Oh hey there. I did not die. I did not shun nor spurn the card world (I've been keeping up with all the blog goings on and, of course, throwing money at my collection like water on a fire). I simply lost interest in scanning and posting.

The Columbus quarterly card show was this past weekend and there were a few dealers who had completely lost their minds and just wanted to dump inventory. First time I went over budget at this show (that is to say, hit the in-building ATM). A good rule for card shows, casinos, and strip clubs is to leave your credit cards at home and only bring the amount of cash you are willing to lose. I broke this rule, but not by much. My bank refunding ATM fees was the clincher.

Anyhoozle. I just had to scan the haul and post it. Had to.

Part 1: 17 relics for 17 dollars

Jay Bruce Topps Museum Collection Momentous Materials Gold /35. Well that's a good start. Some would say a card like this is worth the entire $17 on its own. I'm not one, but some would. This is my first jumbo relic, sadly, but it's a great one.

Oh look. More Jay Bruce. Only 50 made of that bottom one. I'll never get sick of remembering that Jay Bruce division-clinching walk-off.

I like that Deion Sanders was a Red. I don't like that his cards go for a mild premium. Not today.

I normally wouldn't have grabbed that Austin Kearns relic. I have like 10 of him. But it's numbered out of 50, so I just felt it had to be mine. And those '56 style relics are slick, I do say.

Some Ginter framed goodness. Hey look, more Brucey!

The Sean Casey is out of 100. The Leake is my second from that set, joining Josh Fellhauer.

Here's a silly manu-relic thing. Only 75 of em. I bet when this first came out, it was stupid expensive.

And the closer are both sepia(?) versions of this Chris Heisey auto/relic combo from 2011 Triple Threads.

Dollar each for all of these. Batty.

Much, much more to come. Go Reds.