Saturday, November 12, 2016

Massive Card Show Haul - Part 6

Day 6. How bout a big ol' pile of silly parallels, whatchsay?

Gypsy Color Minis. One of these is out of 199 and the other is out of 99. I forget which.

That Barry is out of 100. So is the Casey. And I will never tire of Diamond King sets.

Of course, 2005 DK was goofy. Repeated cards in the base set with a different write up on the back. Weak.

VINTAGE PARALLELS. OOOOH. And that Casey out of only 37 will do nicely.

Donruss Optic. The Peraza is a holo parallel. So to sum up. Not Chrome Refractors. Optic Holos.

Hall of Famer out of 99. Boom.

Some sneaky Upper Deck stuff. They should have made their golds stand out more.

Bowman goodness. Nice dented corner, Gant.

Fleer Tradition Glossy. Numbered out of only 100. I didn't even know I needed that Boone for my Reds set, as it was listed under the Yankees. Nice to knock out a /100 parallel before the base version.

More shiny Bowman goodness. Brucey is out of 250. And that Red shiny Wilkin Castillo? How about...

Five. Nice.

Still more to come. Go Reds.

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