Thursday, November 10, 2016

Massive Card Show Haul - Part 4

Today we're going with 10 blind-faith autos. All I have to go on is the dealers word that these were acquired in-person. Good enough for me. Some good names checked off my list here. The impossible goal is one in-person and one official auto of every Red, and on a Reds card. Considering there have been 1,942 players dating back to 1869, I'm not optimistic. But I will get as many as I can anyway.

Brandon Phillips. 1,614 games as a Red, 2006-Present. 3 All Star games. Boom.

Homer Bailey. 174 games started 2007-Present. About 50 no-hitters.

Jack Billingham. 190 starts 1972-1977. Pitched in 7 Big Red Machine World Series games.

Aaron Harang. 213 starts 2003-2010. NL K's leader 2006.

Jonny Gomes. 323 games 2009-2011.

Ramon Hernandez. 269 games 2009-2011.

Paul Janish. 324 games 2008-2011.

Yasmani Grandal. 218 games in the Reds farm 2010-2011. Currently a Dodgers starter.

Bob Boone. 428 games managed 2001-2003.

Dusty Baker. 972 games managed 2008-2013.

More tomorrow. Go Reds.

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