Monday, April 27, 2015

Baseball Cards

Baseball cards. I have some. I bought some more. Here are some new ones, courtesy of my inexplicably being the low bidder. Mayhaps my Reds are falling out of collecting favor around ye olde card world.

2015 Topps Heritage Purple Chrome Aroldis Chapman. Shiiiiiiny.

2010 Topps Chrome Autographs Chris Heisey, My first auto of Heisey, who is now gone forever.

2015 Topps Gold Devin Mesoraco, Aroldis Chapman. I would like a 2015 Topps Gold Reds team set. I would like that very much.

1973 Topps Jim Fregosi. Hey, who dat on the left, there? Why I do believe that's Johnny Bench about to catch a pop-foul. I saw this on someone's blog and realized I should own it. It's nice chasing easy vintage Topps again. All of my cheap Topps vintage needs have been slayed. I miss the hunt. 

Go Reds.

1 comment:

  1. Set all your vintage on fire. Then you can hunt them all again. :)