Tuesday, March 17, 2015

JustCommons Mailday - 1/2

Nice little package from everyone's favorite site. Picked up some of the newer stuff and filled some decade(s) old needs. For today, we'll check out some recent base cards that, as always, I'm late to the party with.

2015 Topps Heritage, portrait style. Man, I love the Heritage card stock, Also, first official Reds card of second-year manager Bryan Price. Sweet.

2015 Topps Heritage, landscape style. I really like the team card, other than the reminder of our crappy 4th place finish. Fun fact: that is my first Strasburg card.

2015 Topps, portrait style. Solid offering that's been talked about to death by now. That Manny Parra is my first Manny Parra.

2015 Topps, landscape style. Look at the sad, sad Cardinal in the background of the team card. So sad.

Five people you've never heard of from the second P of 2014 Bowman DPP.

And five people I've never heard of from the DP 2014 Bowman DPP. That's a lie, actually. I do keep tabs on the Reds' farm system. But we've got a while before these guys are relevant.

Part 2 tomorrow, kiddies.

Go Reds.

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  1. Gavin LaValley! Man, I have literally a hundred of that card thanks to a couple player breaks I got in on, trying for some of the rare parallels. I collect him because he's a fellow Gavin, and us Gavins got to stick together.