Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Get To Know Your Reds: Part 13 - Art Fowler

According to Baseball Reference there have been 1,891 different players who got into a major league game as a Cincinnati Red/Red Stocking/Redleg as of the end of the 2014 season. So I threw them all into a randomizer and off we go.

Get To Know... Art Fowler

Born: July 3, 1922, Converse, South Carolina
Signed: 1944 by the Giants
Debut: 1954 with the Reds

Reds Stats: 4 seasons at SP/RP, 164 games, 87 starts, 318 K's, 4.24 ERA, 37-31 record
Final Major League Season: 1964 with the Angels

Played in the majors for the Reds, Dodgers and Angels.
Played in the minors for the Giants, Braves, Twins, and Senators.Led NL in FIP in 1956 (think he was proud of this one?)
Was the oldest major leaguer in 1964 and served as the Angels pitching coach while playing.
After retirement, became Billy Martin's go-to pitching coach, joining him at six stops over 14 seasons (Twins, Tigers, Rangers, Yankees, A's, Yankees).
"[T]he only reason I don't like to run is that it makes me tired." -1957

Number of cards: 36
Number of cards as a Red: 10
Number of cards in my collection:  4 (40%)

Go Reds.


  1. "Nope, don't have a card for him. Nope, him neither. Nope again..." That's pretty much what would happen to me were I to throw all the Giants into a randomizer. But love this idea, very good stuff!

    1. Well, to be fair, I've skipped 5 so far because I didn't have a card of them. All from a hundred years ago.