Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dual Autos (No, Not Those Kind) - Part 2/2

As I mentioned in the last post, this ain't about super-sick mojo hitz with two autos on one card. I don't actually have any of those. This is about comparing in-person autos to 'official' autos. I suppose that over many years one gets tired of signing his name and just scribbles whatever he pleases. There are 17 players in my collection represented by both an in-person and an 'official' auto. They should be the same, right? Right? Well, not so much. Let's roll.

George Foster. Similarity Grade: A- (since this is a Kmart reprint of a '77 Topps that included a facsimile signature, is it a facsimile facsimile?)

Corky Miller. Similarity Grade: D+

Paul Bako. Similarity Grade: D (extra credit given to the fact that these signatures were 19 years apart - the Old Judge is a 1995 release and the Heritage was a TTM from 2014)

Gookie Dawkins. Similarity Grade: A

Chris Dickerson. Similarity  Grade: C (Points deduced for smudging. Towel off before signing, bro)

Devin Lohman. Similarity Grade: A-

Chris Piersoll. Similarity Grade F 

Pokey Reese. Similarity Score: B (squashed A)

Go Reds.

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