Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Completely Red: 1980 Topps

Topps' last set without competition. And it's a nice set. The banner theme is good lookin. I only wish the color scheme for the Reds wasn't fuchsia and blue. They could have went with, oh, I don't know... RED. And there are too many posed shots. This ain't the 60's anymore, Topps. Let's see some movement. 

We've got a lot of the Big Red Machine lineup still plugging away. Bench, Foster, Concepcion, Griffey, Geronimo, and Morgan were still around. Rose and Perez were gone, but both would come back in a few years. In their stead was an OK pitcher named Tom Seaver. Decent. 


Cards - 26

RC's - 2 (Art DeFreites, Frank Pastore)

All Stars - 11 (Johnny Bench, Tom Hume, Ray Knight, Mike LaCoss, Dave Concepcion, Paul Blair, George Foster, Tom Seaver, Ken Griffey, Mario Soto, Joe Morgan)

Hall of Fame - 3 (Johnny Bench, Tom Seaver, Joe Morgan)

Reds Hall of Famers - 9 (Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan, Dave Concepcion, Mario Soto, George Foster, Ken Griffey, Tom Seaver, Cesar Geronimo, Dan Driessen)


 21 Manny Sarmiento 
 47 Bill Bonham 
 73 Dave Collins 
 100 Johnny Bench 
 126 Dave Tomlin 
 149 Tom Hume 
 174 Ray Knight 
 199 Mike LaCoss 
 220 Dave Concepcion 
 258 Paul Moskau 
 281 Paul Blair 
 325 Dan Driessen 
 354 Rick Auerbach 
 377 Junior Kennedy 
 400 George Foster 
 419 Vic Correll 
 449 Doug Bair 
 475 Cesar Geronimo 
 500 Tom Seaver 
 516 Hector Cruz 
 550 Ken Griffey 
 606 John McNamara MGR 
 622 Mario Soto 
 650 Joe Morgan 
 677 Future Stars - Art DeFreites, Frank Pastore & Harry Spillman
 714 Fred Norman 

Go Reds.


  1. IMHO, the 1980 topps George Foster is one of the top-9 most iconic Reds cards ever.

  2. Cool looking year, having completed that yet. The next year gets even more pink. Yay 80s!