Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Scan Dump

Though there is a game of note from one of those other sports today, that's no reason not to enjoy some random nonsense and cheap new pickups for the ol' Reds collection.

Healthy Votto will be nice this year.

Filled some Heritage holes. I don't even know which BP variation is more common.

Holofoil = Retail. I think.

Nice Dunn. Busted-up Griffey.

Only missing one card from this set.

I don't know why I scanned these together.

Worst set ever.

Bowman Heritage wasn't very awe-inspiring was it?


These are cards.

A Hall of Famer and a Should-be Hall of Famer. Get on it, Veteran's Committee.

Go Reds.

p.s. I made twenty $10 prop bets for tonight (and all actual sports things, by the way. None of that 'heads or tails' or 'how long will the anthem last' or 'will Katy Perry whip out a titty' nonsense). Bet the house on Tim Wright OVER 0.5 yards, Brady scores a TD befor he throws a pick, Lynch OVER 20.5 rushing attempts, and Brady MORE completions than Wilson.

p.p.s. Don't gamble on sports, you degenerates! Leave that particular stupidity to yours truly.

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