Tuesday, May 17, 2016


I mean. They aren't ALL commons, despite the company name. But mostly.

Here be the latest JustCommons haul. I think I neglected to scan some, but I am way too lazy to amend that.

1987 Fleer Glossy. These were the last three I needed, which included a Barry Larkin RC. I overpayed, but it felt good to fill these in.

A bunch of 2016's you've already seen months ago when they were new. I can't believe there were only two Reds in the 200-card Opening Day set. Boo.

Wonderful, funderful O-Pee-Chee. A happy addiction of mine.

Adam Dunn parallels. Noice. How awkward is that Ultra Gold card?

2014 Panini Prizm Draft Picks. Sure.

A melange of stuff. I think that's a word. Unacceptable I was missing a basic Bowman Votto RC.

Griffey set-completers are the best set-completers.

There are clearly other Reds collectors who pluck all the good parallels away very quickly. WELL YOU NEGLECTED MR. BOESCH, HERE, DIDN'T YA??

And lastly some 2016 Diamond Kings. Probably the best set out there. Who else is giving me new Heinie Groh cards? Nobody. Good job DK. Now get the license, Panini. Do it.

Go Reds.


  1. Nice haul. I haven't bought from them in a while, but hoping to buy something soon. I chuckled at the overpaid line because I've done that too on there, but with so many cards so cheap on there, I think it balances out.

    1. Yeah. I usually divide the price by the number of cars and assess whether x cents per card is acceptable.

  2. It requires a lot of sifting and searching, but in the end JustCommons is definitely a worthwhile stop. Nice haul here.