Saturday, May 7, 2016

My Collection Is Huge, So I Added To It - Part 4: Dunn Dunn Dunn

And thus continues my odd obsession with Adam Dunn cards. There are over 4000. Over 5000 if you count non-Reds cards. Which I don't. I'm sittin pretty at 500-something. Decent.

2005 Donruss Leather & Lumber Big Bang. The left is the gold foil numbered out of 100. The right is the silver foil numbered out of 200. There are probably more.

2000-whatever Fleer Headliners insert. 2000-whatever Fleer Avant. 2000-whatever Upper Deck Power Up Insert, 2000-whatever Topps Finest Finest Moments Insert. You can see my motivation for research is at zero. I'm not going back to my emailed invoice and checking. What, you think I'm just made of spare time? Geez.

2000-whatever Upper Deck Game Jersey. Right after he signed with the D-backs, but before the glut of airbrushing took over. So UD just said 'screw it'. Reds jersey, Reds photo. D-backs logo. Ship it.

2000-whatever Bowman Heritage, 2000-whatever Donruss Studio Rally Caps insert. Yep.

My favorite set, 2008 UD Baseball heroes. The red version. Or ruby. Or scarlet. Or whatever they call it. 2000-whatever UD Timeline, numbered out of 1993. 2000-whatever Bazooka Gold Chunks. 2000-whatever Topps 206 Minis (Polar Bear back and Piedmont back).

2000-whatever Topps Finest Jerseys. Goes well with my Austin Kearns from the set.

2000-whateve Bowman's Best Green numbered out of 899. 2000-whatever Bowman Blue numbered out of 500, 2000-whatever Donruss Timeless Treasures Gold numbered out of 900.

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