Friday, February 23, 2018

Poor Decisions (AKA Repacks)

I had a $30 gift card to Target. Should I buy necessary household items? Maybe a grocery or two? Donate it to charity?


I picked up some stupid packs instead. It wasn't atrocious. Let's see.

On the left: 4 packs, 50 loosies, and a BONUS
Middle: 4 packs, one auto, plus BONUS
Right: Flagship hanger.


Auto is not hidden, so we start there.
Einar Diaz Skybox. Indians. I have no feelings about this.

The Babe Ruth pack? No one cares. Three total packs of mini figures comprised the bonuses. Here's those.

Angels, Dodgers, Rangers, Rockies, Indians, Camo. And some puzzle pieces. These will be thrown away probably, unless anyone out there sends a reprieve.

How about the loosies?

4 cards of note. A Toys R Us Pedro Florimon. Two 2016 Team-Set Trouts, and a leaders card.

Four cards I'll keep. Two Reds and two Reds wearing strange clothes.

Bustin' some packs:

Ok, got a sweet auto. I chuckled, and here's why. When I was cleaning house last November, someone claimed all my Angels. I though Verdugo was an Angel, due to the red and white uni. So I sent it out. Then a Dodger fan asked me for it. Oh, he's a Dodger. Whoops. Too bad, I sent it to someone who doesn't want it. Now it's back, and Dodger fan has been notified. On Verdugo, he made his debut last year, and is a pretty highly-rated prospect.

More Prizm luck. This is out of 199. Too bad the Rockies aren't terribly popular.

Inserts and a Judge.

Reds and Reds in costume. These I keep.

Onward, toward the hanger.

Pair of Bellies and a shiny Gyorko.

Insert bloat.

Redsy goodness. I don't have the Mahle insert, making this the only card I get to add to my true collection today.

Ooooh, good closer. A Mookie Betts relic out of 100. Seven of these have sold on eBay, all for at least 12 bucks with shipping. The cheapest one up now is priced at over 18 bucks. I guess I'll be popping this up on eBay then, unless a Sox fan stops me.

I think that's about as well as that could've been. I'm officially upgrading my decision from 'poor' to 'poor to fair'.

Go Reds.


  1. That was actually pretty good for repacks and retail. I would have done much, much worse -and have- which is why I dont buy cards at Target anymore.

    I'd gladly trade for that Mookie relic, but I dont think I have anything decent to offer you. :/

  2. The last couple repacks I've bought have had one of those Toys 'R' Us parallels inside, which is fun since they almost never show up anywhere else.