Monday, February 12, 2018

The Frankenpages - Page 6

More Frankenberry deliciousness.

1989 Topps Woolworth #6 Chris Sabo
1990 Fleer Baseball All Stars #6 Eric Davis
1988 Fleer Team Leaders #6 Eric Davis
2013 Panini Museum Collection #MC6 Johnny Bench
2006 Bowman Draft Picks White #BDP6 Bill Bray 180/225
1984 Topps #6 Johnny Bench/Gaylord Perry/Carl Yastrzemski
2009 Topps Triple Threads Gold #6 Edinson Volquez 76/99
1992 Jimmy Dean #6 Chris Sabo
2016 Donruss Diamond Kings Heritage Collection #HC6 Johnny Bench

Lots to love here. Bullets:

  • Yeah that's right, I have two copies of some random Bowman White out of only 225, because I'm not smart.
  • Not to be outdone, how about two copies of a Triple Threads out of 99? I'm not terribly sure this is the 'Gold', but whatever. It looks sepia, but I think the sepia was out of 199 or something.
  • Two cards of my man Spuds. Woolworth department store and Jimmy Dean Sausage. I don't know what more else one could want from the junk era. These two sum the era up perfectly.
  • I have no idea what set that Bench Museum is from. I'm leaning toward a Father's Day special pack issue of some sort. Squarely in the wheelhouse of 'who cares'.
  • I'm on a mini-quest to collect all the Reds from those 80's-90's Fleer special box sets. It's more difficult than you'd think.

Go Reds.


  1. Not only am I looking for the Cubs from those little boxed sets, but any cards that have Ivy in the background so I feel ya!