Ugly Card Ugstravanganza

I'm trying to find the ugliest Reds card in my collection. All sorts of wonderful cards get showcased on all of our blogs. It's time to recognize the hideous. The grotesque. The plain old ugly. You'll find 90's inserts, disembodied heads, disinterested mugshots, and the 1980's. Here are my selection rules:
1. Reds only. Not even multi-team-including-a-Red ugliness. There shall be just Reds ugly.

2. Do not confuse nostalgia with non-ugliness. I love those gaudy 90's inserts as much as you do. I was a 90's child. But man are some of them ugly.

3. Do not confuse boring with ugly (hello, early 80's Fleer)

4. Upon viewing, I must have said "Ew." Or "Ugh." Or any variant thereof.
Unfortunately, some of the ugliness was too ugly for my scanner, due to glare. Good thinking, if you're ugly, to sabotage the machinery.

I will most definitely be offending some of you with my choices. I am eager to hear about it in the comments. 

Tourney setup:

Opening Round: 10 rounds of 10 ugly cards each. Vote for 5. Top 6 move on.

Brackets: Seed the 60 "victors" of the Opening Round into a classic single elimination bracket, with the top 4 vote-getters receiving a bye.


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Opening Round Group 10

1995 Ultra AS Barry Larkin

1981 Topps Mario Soto

1988 Classic Blue Eric Davis

2013 Triple Play Jay Bruce

1999 Omega Pokey Reese

1989 J.J. Nissen Eric Davis

1988 Fleer Superstars Eric Davis

2006 A&G Perez Ken Griffey Jr.

2009 Goudey Dave Concepcion

1996 Finest Barry Larkin

Opening Round Group 9

1990 Classic Blue Rolando Roomes
1998 Circa Thunder Willie Greene 
1988 Nestle Buddy Bell 
1993 Cardtoons Rob Quibble (Dibble) 
1990 Donruss Diamond Kings John Franco 
1987 Fleer Game Winners Ron Robinson 
1988 Fleer All Star Team Eric Davis 
1997 Circa Pete Schourek 
2000 Fleer Tradition Dmitri Young 
2004 Throwback Threads Century Stars Joe Morgan

Opening Round: Group 8

1990 Topps Traded Lou Piniella

2001 Kahn's Reds Mr. Red

1990 Fleer AW Eric Davis

2001 Topps Gallery Sean Casey

2000 Fleer E-X D.J. Cromer

1996 Studio Barry Larkin

2010 National Chicle Edinson Volquez

2001 Topps Stars Gookie Dawkins

1998 UD3 Brett Tomko

2003 UD Play Ball Adam Dunn

Opening Round: Group 7

1979 Topps Reds Prospects LaCoss/Oester/Spilman
2006 Bowman Heritage Scott Hatteberg
2003 Bowman Futures Game Prosepects Jerseys Wily Mo Pena
1990 ProCards A/AA Reggie Sanders
1998 Pacific Aurora Lenny Harris
1998 Pacific Omega Willie Greene
2005 Upper Deck ESPN Sportscenter Swatches Adam Dunn
1996 Topps Barry Larkin Star Power 
2010 Topps National Chicle Joey Votto
2009 TriStar Prospects Plus Bradley Boxberger

Opening Round: Group 6

1989 Donruss Diamond Kings Chris Sabo
1989 Swell Baseball Greats Johnny Vander Meer
1997 Pinnacle Inside Barry Larkin
2000 Upper Deck Victoy Big Play Makers Sean Casey
2002 Topps 206 Juan Encarnacion
1992 Score Rookies Mo Sanford
2003 Upper Deck Reflections Relics Adam Dunn
2001 Upper Deck Vintage Rookies Clark/Riedling/Bell
1992 Bowman Willie Greene
2010 Topps Opening Day Topps Town Stars Jay Bruce

Opening Round: Group 5

2005 Throwback Threads Century Stars Austin Kearns

1993 Upper Deck Glow Stars Barry Larkin

1989 Fleer Superstars Chris Sabo

2006 Topps Co-Signers Adam Dunn

2004 Bowman Futures Relics Stephen Smitherman

1997 Topps Stars Barry Larkin

2012 Goodwin Champions Pete Rose

2005 Fleer Tradition Paul Wilson

2002 Fleer Platinum Perez/Kluszewski

1999 Metal Universe Building Blocks Mike Frank

Opening Round: Group 4

1996 Score Numbers Game Reggie Sanders

1992 Ultra Pro Promos Hal Morris

2004 Fleer National Pastime Jersey Austin Kearns

1999 UD Ionix Sean Casey

1998 Pacific Online Scott Winchester

2002 Topps Pristine In the Gap Jersey Adam Dunn

1989 Fleer Baseball MVP's Danny Jackson

1995 Fleer John Courtright

2000 Pacific Prism Rapture Gold Travis Dawkins

1974 Topps Sparky Anderson/Coaches

Opening Round: Group 3

1986 Fleer All Stars Dave Parker
1997 UD3 Barry Larkin
1996 Topps Gallery Bret Boone
1961 Topps Reds Coaches
1992 Stadium Club Dome Calvin Reese
1984 Donruss DK Dave Concepcion
2000 Upper Deck Victory Stat Leaders
2001 UD Decade 70's Disco Era Dandies Johnny Bench
2001 Fleer Tradition Team Leaders
2011 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Jay Bruce

Opening Round: Group 2

2010 Topps 206 Joey Votto

2005 Topps Update All Star Stitches Felipe Lopez

2014 Topps Heritage Mat Latos

2000 Just Memorabilia Just Gems Gookie Dawkins

1949 Bowman Herman Wehmeier

1995 Stadium Club Ring Leaders Kevin Mitchell

1991 Classic Four Sport Calvin Reese

1994 Select Kevin Mitchell

2004 Leaf Picture Perfect Bats Austin Kearns

2011 Goodwin Champions Johnny Bench

Opening Round: Group 1

1990 Donruss Scott Scudder

1996 Metal Reggie Sanders

1984 Ralston Purina Dave Concepcion

1994 Bowman's Best Tim Belk

2005 Donruss Zenith Z-Bats Adam Dunn

2003 Upper Deck Vintage Reds Team Lineup

1993 Score Bip Roberts Season Highlight

1988 Fleer Baseball All Stars John Franco

2005 Bowman Heritage Mahogany Felipe Lopez

1996 Stadium Club Midsummer Matchups Ron Gant

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