Monday, May 7, 2018

1909-11 T206 Dick Egan

Latest T206 pickup. This puts me at 14 of the 23 Reds from the checklist. Considering the age, this one is in particularly good shape.

As for Dick Egan, he played in 9 seasonsin the majors, 1908-1916, the first six with Cincy, then a year and a half with the Brooklyn Robins, and finally a year and a half with the Boston Braves. He wasn't much of a star, compiling a lifetime .249 average. He finished in the top ten in stolen bases three times, so that's certainly something. And he lead the league in various second base metrics from time to time. But whatever. He's in the mythical T206 set, which puts him in an elite crew.

This is my second card of Egan, the other being the 1911 T205 Gold Border issue. Six more cards from his career, and one official reprint from the 80's and I'm an official Dick Egan supercollector.

Go Reds.


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    1. Thanks. It's so weird that some silly serial numbered card from 5 yards ago would be the same price as something like this.