I don't got much, but if there's anything here you want, send me an email (mattmccurryATgmailDOTcom). In return, I desire Reds cards that I don't have. This is difficult to do, as I have a billion Reds cards. So oddballs, parallels, and weak-ass mojo are your best bets.

It's overwhelmingly Reds, but I put all the non-Reds bait first.

 Martin out of 25

 Familia out of 50
 Dodger related to Greg Luzinski




 Serial numbered out of more than 1000

 Ludwick mini out of 62, Leake blue out of 150, Leake mini out of 199, Cingrani out of 150, Cueto out of 99, Klinker out of a few hundred, Corcino out of 500. I think.

Go Reds.

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  1. Would be interested in the 2 Autographed Cards the Seaver mini and the Blue Xavier Paul and any other company Autos, Seaver's & Paul's you might have. Let me know what you are looking for Thanks, Dion email me at Soskinfamily at yahoo dot com