Thursday, March 31, 2016

COMC COMA - Part 2

Part 1 yesterday. Part 2 right now.

1980 Fleer Sticker '76 World Series. Look at this card. Just look at it. It's perfect. It's my new favorite card.

1984 Slurppe Discs. Pete Rose is one of the three on here. See him? He's right there. The other two are Hall of Famer Fergie Jenkins and Carlton Fisk. But who cares, right? It's Petey!

One cheapo autograph. Chad Mottola played 35 of his lifetime 59 games for the Reds. I now have my in-person auto of Mottola and an official one. My Mottola auto collection is officially complete.

Look at all this tremendous O-Pee-Chee. Will I ever complete the vintage OPC Reds run? Probably not. But I'll try, dammit. I'll try.

Dave Concepcion RC. Sweet, right?

Dave Concepcion OPC RC? Even sweeter. Love this. So much.

Final Part tomorrow. Opening Day is creeping up, kids. Here's my hot take: My Reds will NOT lose 100 games. Lock it up. Go Reds.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

COMC COMA - Part 1

Check Out My Cards? More like Check Out My Addiction, amirite??? There are much worse thing to be addicted to, I suppose. Of course, every time I'm bored and have time to kill, my first instinct should be to do something productive. I have many productive things that I could be doing. But no one wants to read posts about that stuff, whereas dozens... DOZENS, I SAY... of you want to ogle some Redsy goodness. So ogle away.

70's Discs? Yes indeedy. I love that cheeky crane. You can just tell he's cheeky, can't ya?

1963 Fleer Bob Purkey. This completes the team set for me. All three cards of it. Boom.

Bob Purkey 1963 double header! This one of the Jello variety.

1961 Post Gene Freese. See that team byline under his name? Yup. This counts as a Reds card.

1953 Bowman Color Herman Wehmeier. Thank you, young lad who pulled this from a pack, for letting me know what year this card was made via ballpoint pen.

Some flagship. I actually had the '67 Ted Davidson already. Shoddy record keeping on my part. The '59 Osteen is the gray back variation. That completes the '59 master team set for me, which has six of those gray/white back variations. The '65 Ted Wills is a TTM replacement.

Open with Johnny, close with Johnny. 1977 Hostess. Grade: 1 (twinkie-stains).

Part 2 tomorrow. Go Reds.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Completely Red: 1978 Kellogg's, 2003 Diamond Kings, 1996 Pinnacle, 1991 Leaf

1978 Kellogg's

57 Card Set, 3 Reds (5.3%)


 4 Ken Griffey
 10 George Foster
 27 Tom Seaver
2003 Donruss Diamond Kings

176 Card Set, 6 Reds (3.4%)


89 Ken Griffey Jr.
90 Barry Larkin
91 Adam Dunn
92 Sean Casey
93 Austin Kearns
94 Aaron Boone
1996 Pinnacle

400 Card Set, 17 Reds (4.3%)


20 Reggie Sanders
44 Jose Rijo
70 Pete Schourek
119 Hal Morris
90 Barry Larkin
143 Reggie Sanders
152 Ron Gant
186 Nigel Wilson
216 Pete Schourek
235 Bret Boone
264 Reggie Sanders
287 Eric Anthony
295 Willie Greene
308 Hal Morris
363 Mike Kelly
374 Steve Gibralter
384 Eric Owens

1991 Leaf

528 Card Set, 21 Reds (4.0%)


37 Eric Davis
51 Hal Morris
65 Chris Sabo
73 Joe Oliver
88 Tom Browning
102 Jeff Reed
168 Barry Larkin
183 Scott Scudder
197 Bill Doran
205 Billy Hatcher
219 Paul O'Neill
233 Luis Quinones
282 Rob Dibble
326 Jose Rijo
362 Glenn Braggs
373 Chris Hammond FLC
414 Norm Charlton
459 Jack Armstrong
494 Mariano Duncan
504 Randy Myers
514 Reggie Jefferson FLC

Go Reds.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

eBay Vintage Goodness

Red Cardboard: Sniping the best, cheap vintage Reds since 2013. Roll em.

1952 Topps Herman Wehmeier. This completes my '52 Reds Non-High-Number team set. Kind of makes me sad, actually. No more hunting.

1953 Bowman B&W Andy Seminick. I had none of these. Four or five of the color ones, but no black and white. They're rarer, I assume. This set will have to satiate my hunting needs.

1970 Topps Vern Geishert, Hal McRae, Wayne Simpson. This was the final card I needed to finish up all the 70's flagship Reds. I posted them all here.

1948 Bowman Hank Sauer. I have precious few from this set. They're hard to find at cheap-ass prices, being Bowman's first set and all. No matter. They will all be mine.

 Hey, Opening Day is right around the corner. Ohhhhhh boy, Go Reds.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Completely Red: 1970 Topps, 1995 Select Certified, 2006 Topps Turkey Red, 1988 Fleer All Star Team

1970 Topps

720 Card Set, 32 Reds (4.4%)


3 Darrel Chaney
22 Ray Washburn
36 Danny Breeden - Bernie Carbo
61 NL Batting Ldrs Pete Rose - Bob Clemente - Cleon Jones
63 NL RBI Ldrs Willie McCovey - Ron Santo - Toney Perez
65 NL HR Ldrs Willie McCovey - Hanke Aaron - Lee May
73 Wayne Granger
115 Alex Johnson
133 Clay Carroll
159 Tommy Helms
181 Sparky Anderson
225 Lee May
254 Camilo Pascual
283 Angel Bravo
296 Woody Woodward
320 Jim Maloney
358 Pedro Borbon
380 Tony Perez
409 Bob Tolan
443 Al Jackson
458 Pete Rose AS
464 Johnny Bench AS
484 Gary Nolan
507 Pat Corrales
544 Reds Team
580 Pete Rose
602 Ted Savage
616 Jim Merritt
636 Jim Stewart
660 Johnny Bench
683 Vern Geishert - Hal McRae - Wayne Simpson
705 Tony Cloninger
1995 Select Certified

135 Card Set, 4 Reds (3.0%)


2 Reggie Sanders
8 Deion Sanders
27 Barry Larkin
35 Hal Morris
2006 Topps Turkey Red

330 Card Set, 5 Reds (1.5%)


 355 Adam Dunn 
 455A Ken Griffey Jr.
 559 Edwin Encarnacion 
 566 Brandon Phillips 
 585 Tom Seaver
1988 Fleer All Star Team

12 Card Set, 1 Red (8.3%)


7 Eric Davis

Go Reds,

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Get To Know Your Reds: Part 51 - Denis Phipps

According to Baseball Reference there have been 1,916 different players who got into a major league game as a Cincinnati Red/Red Stocking/Redleg as of the end of the 2015 season. So I threw them all into a randomizer and off we go.

Get To Know... Denis Phipps

Born: July 22, 1985, San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic
Signed: 2004, by the Reds
Debut: 2012, with the Reds
Reds Stats: 8 games at OF in one seasons, 11 PA, 1 HR, 2 RBI, .300 BA

Bounced around the Reds Minor Leagues from 2004 to 2012 until he got his Major League debut.
Went back to AAA Louisville then signed a Minor League contract with the White Sox.
Went on to play in Mexican, Domincan, and Venezuelan leagues. Spent 2015 with the Venezuelan Caribes of Vera Cruz.
Signed for the 2016 with the Acereos of Monteclava in Mexico.

Number of cards: 16
Number of cards as a Red: 16 (including Minor leagues)
Number of cards in my collection: 1 (3.1%)

Go Reds

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Completely Red: 1960 Topps, 2009 Upper Deck X , 1990 Fleer Award Winners, 2011 Finest

1960 Topps

572 Card Set, 38 Reds (6.6%)


4 Bob Purkey
21 Dutch Dotterer
32 Sophomore Stalwarts
45 Roy McMillan
61 Eddie Kasko
95 Frank Thomas
110 Cal McLish
119 Chico Cardenas
146 Ted Wieand
164 Reds Team Checklist
173 Billy Martin
176 Vada Pinson
187 Jay Hook
198 Jerry Lynch
206 Claude Osteen
219 Fred Hutchinson
235 Gus Bell
257 Gordy Coleman
282 Joe Nuxhall
289 Willie Jones
311 Raul Sanchez
325 Jim O'Toole
345 Don Newcombe
352 Cincy Clouters
359 Buddy Gilbert
372 Frank House
398 Mike Cuellar
411 Ed Bailey
424 Pete Whisenant
434 Brooks Lawrence
449 Jim Brosnan
459 Reds Coaches (Deal, Moses, Otero)
490 Frank Robinson
506 Lee Walls
518 Tony Gonzalez
524 Bill Henry
535 Whitey Lockman
543 Elio Chacon
2009 Upper Deck X

100 Card Set, 3 Reds (3.0%)


  23 Jay Bruce 
  24 Edinson Volquez 
  25 Brandon Phillips
1990 Fleer Award Winners

44 Card Set, 1 Red (2.3%)

10 Eric Davis
2011 Finest

100 Card Set, 1 Red (1.0%)


47 Joey Votto

Go Reds.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Every 1970's Topps Reds Base Card

I was one card short of wrapping up the team sets for all of the flagships's 1970's releases. I needed the Hal McRae/Vern Geishert/Wayne Simpson 1970 high number RC. I finally found a reasonably priced one on the 'Bay. Now I am satisfied. Here they all are. Marvel in the 1970's goodness.

Go Reds.