Thursday, December 31, 2015

Show Me Your Hits

Yeah, ok, that's a bad pun. But I do have some scans from a card show from a while back. Only one hit though...
2015 Topps Update All Star Stitches Devin Mesoraco. One of the few Reds we haven't shopped yet. Here's hoping.

Here's some 2015 insert stuff. Heritage New Age Performers, Update First Home Run, Update Robbed in Left, Heritage Combo Cards.

Oooh, New Donruss. Elite Series /999, The Rookies, and All-Time Diamond Kings. Donruss sure does try their best, don't they?

Couple of RC's I was missing. Well, at least I thought I was. Had the Bruce, needed the Hamilton.

Bowman Platinum parallels. Sure, why not.

Here's a menagerie of new additions. In order: Cueto Elite is meh. Love the Bruce TriStar. Love the Cueto Tek. The Winkler totally counts as a Reds card. I forget if that Reggie Stars is a parallel or not. I already had the Griffey Chrome, but whatever. More Griffey is good Griffey. Hey, anybody remember Fleer Impact? Yeah, that Carroll totally counts as a Reds card, too. And the Seaver is some Topps reprint insert thingy.

And the closer is a couple sweet 80's Fleer stickers. Didn't have either of these. And yes, I'm a grown man buying stickers. Come at me.

Go Reds.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Vote in The Oddball World Cup - Groups K/L, Fourth Pairings

We're getting there, kiddies. Here's a link to the standings thus far.

Voting closes Friday. Go Reds.

Group K/Match 10: 1988 Pacific Eight Men Out Bill Rariden vs. 1987 Hygrade Al Simmons

Group K/Match 11: 1987 Toys 'R Us Kal Daniels vs. 1989 SI For Kids Chris Sabo

Group K/Match 12: 1992 Ultra Pro Hal Morris vs. 1990 Kay-Bee Toys Ken Griffey

Group L/Match 10: 1989 Woolworth John Franco vs. 1985 Drake's Dave Parker

Group L/Match 11: 1986 Kay-Bee Toys John Franco vs. 1992 French's Chris Sabo/Wade Boggs

Group L/Match 12: 1993 Toys 'R Us Willie Greene vs, 1993 Duracell Barry Larkin

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Get To Know Your Reds - Part 46: Mel Behney

According to Baseball Reference there have been 1,916 different players who got into a major league game as a Cincinnati Red/Red Stocking/Redleg as of the end of the 2015 season. So I threw them all into a randomizer and off we go.

Get To Know... Mel Behney

Born: September 2, 1947, Newark, New Jersey
Drafted: 1968, by the Reds
Debut: 1970, with the Reds
Career Stats: 5 games in 1970, 1 start, 10 IP, 2 K's, 0-2 record, 4.50 ERA.

Named to the All-Big Ten team at Michigan State in 1968.
Drafted by the Astros at age 18 and the Tigers at age 20, but signed with neither.
Won 53 minor league games, 44 with Cincy and 9 with Boston.
3x Minor League All Star.

Number of cards: 5
Number of cards as a Red: 4
Number of cards in my collection: 2 (50%)

Go Reds.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Back from Hiatus - Have a Vote in The Oddball World Cup, Will Ya?

Holidays kept me away from posting. Y'all know how it is. But we're back with more oddities.

Voting closes Wednesday. Go Reds.

Group I/Match 10: 1989 Ames Eric Davis vs. 1980 Cramer Legens Ernie Lombardi

Group I/Match 11: 1986 Quaker Oats Pete Rose vs. 1990 Hills Eric Davis

Group I/Match 12: 2001 MLB Showdown Pokey Reese vs. 1992 Jimmy Dean Reggie Sanders

Group J/Match 10: 1989 Pacific Senior League Dan Driessen vs. 1982 Reds Yearbook Tom Seaver

Group J/Match 11: 1984 Ralston Purina Dave Concepcion vs. 1991 Bazooka Hal Morris

Group J/Match 12: 1994 Post Barry Larkin vs. 1993 Cardtoons Rob Dibble

Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Repost from St. Nicholas

Yeah, this is a repost from two years ago. And I posted it last year. Effing deal with it.

Merry Christmas, you card-collecting bastards. 

A Visit from St. Nicholas
by Red Cardboard via Clement Clarke Moore

'Twas the night before
...when all thro' the house

Not a creature was
...not even a mouse;

The stockings were hung by the chimney with
In hopes that
...soon would be there;

The children were nestled all

While visions of sugar
...danc'd in their heads,