Friday, October 12, 2018


Hey kiddos. I'm going to be selling off my non-vintage Reds collection, bit by bit. I've lost interest in modern cards after being rabid for the past six years.

Before I get it sorted and plopped on ebay, if you have any Reds needs, I'll set em aside and we can work out a good price. A pile of Billy Hamilton refractors, every team set from 1980s Donruss releases, a 1992 OPC team set, serial numbered Vottos, a flat-rate box jammed with junk commons, 90's oddballs, etc etc etc. 

Blogger homes are better than eBay homes.


  1. I'd be interested in any Barry Larkin cards that I don't yet own (if you are purging him from your collection too)

  2. If you have any Tony Womack cards, I would be interested.

  3. I need several of the Kahns SGA sets. I'll get you a list of what I'm missing shortly.

  4. Got any interesting Tom Seaver cards?