Thursday, September 15, 2016

Show Swag - Part 4: The Other 64

Last show post. Here be the other 64 cards that didn't make it into the first three days. I love them all the same.
11 from the 2016 Topps Tribute to the Kid set. If I started collecting Mariners/White Sox Griffeys, I'd be into a rabbit hole that would bleed my bank account. So I stuck by my Reds Only rule and snagged all 10 Reds from the set. Plus the HoF card, which is ok. There's one more HoF card I suppose I'd likem then I can put this one to rest.

Minis minis minis. NEW minis. Oh and a sneaky Johnny Bench parallel.

Topps Bunt team set. I don't know why these exist.

Base cards need lovin' too. The BP heritage is an annoying short print. Rookie Chromes are always nice. As is the Bench Archives in one of the best Topps designs of all time.

Nonsense inserts! I debated whether or not that Black Sox card counted as a Reds cards, since the Reds were the winners of that World Series. Then I realized I was debating on whether or not to spend twenty cents on something I wanted. Also, I hate The Gapper.

Dime box lovin. All. Day. Long.

Votto inserts are best inserts. The Pinnacle is an acetate job.

And the closer is three oddities. Wily Mo is from a DAV set put together to raise funds for disabled veterans. Billy Hamilton minor league cards make me happy. And the Griffey is from the completely ridiculous and terrible Royal Rookies set from 2000-2001. This card is awful. It's my fourth from the set.

Go Reds.

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