Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Show Swag - Part 3: Old Guys

Why go new when you can go old?

1981 Topps Scratch offs Bench/Templeton/Blue. Unscratched. Untorn. Freakin sweet.

1981 Topps Scratch Offs Garvey/Luzinski/Griffey. I have already an unscratched, untorn Griffey from the set, but it's with different people and a different back. OLD SCHOOL VARIATION, SON.

2015 Topps 1969 Buyback Jack Fisher. I don't even know why these are a thing. But it was a quarter. So sure why not?

19?? Postcard Thingy Ted Kluszewski. It was in a 5/$1 bin. That is all.

Hall of Fame Postcards Harry Heilmann, Harry Wright. These are from the same 5/$1 bucket. I kinda like em.

1978 SSPC Near Team Set. I had somehow only come across one of these, despite having completed the '76 set. Now I'm only two shy of the '78 set. And how great is that Joe Morgan card, right?

Still more goodness tomorrow. Go Reds.


  1. Sparky is throwing some major daggers at someone off Some rookie probably screwed up AGAIN.

  2. I like the Tom Seaver holding a bat. His stats show he wasn't a terrible hitter. Two times he hit 3 HR's in a season. I have the post card thingy of Lou Boudreau.

  3. Love the SSPC sets. I've tried acquiring all the Redsox variations of the scratch offs. Each guy has at least three it seems