Monday, September 12, 2016

Show Swag - Part 1: 90-Year Old Strip Cards

The quarterly 100-table Columbus show was this past weekend. Despite my overall busy-ness lately, I still managed to carve out some time to scour the tables. Priorities, yes?

Part 1 will only be two cards, but two great ones. They're strip cards from the "W514" set made between 1919 and 1921. There are 14 Reds in the 120 cards set, and now I have 5 of them. As you will see, they are obviously gem-mint 10's.

1919-1921 W514 #86 Slim Sallee.

Harry "Slim" Sallee won 174 games over 14 years with the Cardinals, Giants, and Reds from 1908-1921. He went 21-7 during his only full year with the Reds in 1919 and added a complete game win in that year's World Series.

1919-1921 W514 #98 Jimmy Ring.

Jimmy Ring won 118 games over 11 seasons with the Reds, Phillies, Giants, and Cardinals from 1917-1928. His first four seasons were with the Reds, including 37 wins and, like Sallee, a complete-game victory in the 1919 World Series.

Go Reds.

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