Tuesday, July 26, 2016

New Old Things

Roll em.

1970 Topps Super Johnny Bench. Nice warm-up pajamas, bro.

1961 Topps Magic Rub Offs. Looks like someone tried to actually rub the image off 50 years ago. Too bad, kid. Rest well knowing that a grown man will purchase the remnants of your toy five decades from now.

Here's some Topps stamps from years I forget. 1961 and 1969 maybe?

1963 Post Joey Jay. I think I'm down to the hyper-short prints for 60's Post. Gonna be tough.

1975 Topps Mini Jackson/Rose MVPs. I only need the Rose base and this team set is done. Too bad it's way more than I ever wish to pay.

1977 Hostess Pete Rose. Miscut. Crooked. Straggled. Perfect.

Go Reds. Please don't trade Disco.

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