Thursday, March 3, 2016

What Can Browns Do For You?: Dawg Day Cards Brings a Border-Hopping Pile of Goodness

Angus, of Dawg Day Cards, braved the wintry north of Canada, fought a moose with a hockey stick, and made it to a post office to ship me some little pieces of cardboard. Ok, I made up the moose part, but that's what happens in Canada, right?

Anyway, go check out his blog, start at post number one, read everything he's ever written, (even though that makes me a Bengals fan supporting a Browns fan) then you can come back here and admire the goodness.

1970's Discs? I will never stop loving these. It's my first Morgan and my first Gullett disc. I have a few Griffeys, but not the Crane. Perfect.

Here are the backs, just as good as the fronts. Both the Morgan and Gullett are Isaly. That spectacled duck needs to be in my life more.

This my be the most Canadian card in my collection now: a Petro-Canada All Star Standup of Eric Davis. This card is great. I may store on the coveted card shelf next to my T206's.

Topps Tribute Tony Perez. Thick. Shiny. Sure.

And what would a Canadian post be without a big ol' pile of O-Pee-Chee? Brighter cardboard. Jagged cuts. C'est magnifigque.

Thanks, bud. Go Reds. We stand on guard for thee.


  1. I'd want much more than a hockey stick to take on a moose. One of my enduring childhood memories was seeing a moose kick the crap out of a dude in the streets of Anchorage, Alaska. I think the dude was a bit intoxicated (carrying a brown bag with a bottle in it) and he got in the moose's face and it kicked him straight across the entryway they were standing in.

    Another time we got home from church and had to sit in our car for an hour because a moose and her calf had decided to take a nap on our front porch.

  2. Glad they found a good home! And thanks for the blog plug.

    And, ummmm, yeah, of course we have to fight off a moose daily just to leave our houses... It would get boring otherwise.