Thursday, March 24, 2016

eBay Vintage Goodness

Red Cardboard: Sniping the best, cheap vintage Reds since 2013. Roll em.

1952 Topps Herman Wehmeier. This completes my '52 Reds Non-High-Number team set. Kind of makes me sad, actually. No more hunting.

1953 Bowman B&W Andy Seminick. I had none of these. Four or five of the color ones, but no black and white. They're rarer, I assume. This set will have to satiate my hunting needs.

1970 Topps Vern Geishert, Hal McRae, Wayne Simpson. This was the final card I needed to finish up all the 70's flagship Reds. I posted them all here.

1948 Bowman Hank Sauer. I have precious few from this set. They're hard to find at cheap-ass prices, being Bowman's first set and all. No matter. They will all be mine.

 Hey, Opening Day is right around the corner. Ohhhhhh boy, Go Reds.


  1. Is that traces of a faint autograph I see on that Seminick? Or was some kid practicing his penmanship? Either way, this is a nice lot!

    1. I'm guessing it's more likely a partial auto of some 9 year old who owned this card, thus making sure no one would steal it. But maybe that 9 year old grew up to be famous and this is a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

  2. That '48 Bowman is ultra dank. That, sir, is a relic I'd value over near any modern jersey card.