Tuesday, March 29, 2016

COMC COMA - Part 1

Check Out My Cards? More like Check Out My Addiction, amirite??? There are much worse thing to be addicted to, I suppose. Of course, every time I'm bored and have time to kill, my first instinct should be to do something productive. I have many productive things that I could be doing. But no one wants to read posts about that stuff, whereas dozens... DOZENS, I SAY... of you want to ogle some Redsy goodness. So ogle away.

70's Discs? Yes indeedy. I love that cheeky crane. You can just tell he's cheeky, can't ya?

1963 Fleer Bob Purkey. This completes the team set for me. All three cards of it. Boom.

Bob Purkey 1963 double header! This one of the Jello variety.

1961 Post Gene Freese. See that team byline under his name? Yup. This counts as a Reds card.

1953 Bowman Color Herman Wehmeier. Thank you, young lad who pulled this from a pack, for letting me know what year this card was made via ballpoint pen.

Some flagship. I actually had the '67 Ted Davidson already. Shoddy record keeping on my part. The '59 Osteen is the gray back variation. That completes the '59 master team set for me, which has six of those gray/white back variations. The '65 Ted Wills is a TTM replacement.

Open with Johnny, close with Johnny. 1977 Hostess. Grade: 1 (twinkie-stains).

Part 2 tomorrow. Go Reds.

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