Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Vote in The Oddball World Cup: Groups O/P, Fourth Pairings

We've made it to the last vote of the fourth match-ups. Only one more run through the group stage and we can build the brackets. I'm pumped.

Here's the standings. Voting closes on Thursday. Go Reds.

Group O/Match 10: 1993 Milk Bone Barry Larkin vs. 1992 Kellogg's Tony Perez

Group O/Match 11: 1993 Jimmy Dean Barry Larkin vs. 2000 7-Eleven Discs Sean Casey

Group O/Match 12: 2002 MLB Showdown Ken Griffey Jr. vs. 1993 Colla Collection Barry Larkin

Group P/Match 10: 1991 MooTown Snackers Chris Sabo vs. 1989 Toys 'R Us Chris Sabo

Group P/Match 11: 1990 Long John Silvers Chris Sabo vs. 1991 SI For Kids Jose Rijo

Group P/Match 12: 2010 DAV Johnny Cueto vs. 1993 Diamondmarks Barry Larkin

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