Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Vote in The Oddball World Cup: Groups K/L, Final Pairings

Only three more of these votes, kiddies, so about a week more of the group stage. Y'all done good.

Moving on from Groups I/J will be 1990 Hills Eric Davis, 1989 Ames Eric Davis, 1991 Bazooka Hal Morris, and 1982 Reds Yearbook Tom Seaver.

Voting closes Thursday. Go Reds.

Group K/Match 13: 1987 Hygrade Al Simmons vs 1987 Toys 'R Us Kal Daniels

Group K/Match 14: 1988 Pacific Eight Men Out Bill Rariden vs. 1992 Ultra Pro Hal Morris

Group K/Match 15: 1989 SI For Kids Chris Sabo vs. 1990 Kay-Bee Ken Griffey

Group L/Match 13: 1985 Drake's Dave Parker vs. 1986 Kay-Bee John Franco

Group L/Match 14: 1989 Woolworth John Franco vs. 1993 Toys 'R Us Willie Greene

Group L/Match 15: 1992 French's Chris Sabo/Wade Boggs vs. 1993 Duracell Barry Larkin

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