Monday, January 11, 2016

Vote in The Oddball World Cup: Groups E/F, Final Pairings

Groups C and D are in the books. Moving on from Group C are 1989 Cap'n Crunch Eric Davis and 1987 Kraft Eric Davis (head-to-head tie break over 1985 Circle K Tony Perez woot). Moving on from Group D are 1981 Drake's George Foster and 1989 Hills Danny Jackson. The 80's are reppin' hard, yo.

Vote in the sidebar. Voting closes Wednesday. Go Reds.

Group E/Match 13: 1984 Milton Bradley Dave Concepcion vs. 1988 Nestle Buddy Bell

Group E/Match 14: 1989 JJ Nissen Eric Davis vs. 1994 Church's Barry Larkin

Group E/Match 15: 1991 Jimmy Dean Barry Larkin vs. 1991 Woolworth Barry Larkin

Group F/Match 13: 1986 Big League Chew Frank Robinson vs. 1988 K-Mart Pete Rose

Group F/Match 14: 1989 Topps Senior League George Foster vs. 1995 Comic Images League Park

Group F/Match 15: 1990 Ames Eric Davis vs. 1990 Post Eric Davis