Saturday, January 30, 2016

Vote (finally) in The Oddball World Cup Brackets

About freaking time, Red Cardboard, geez. This long-ass tourney needs to get done. Well fine. After 40 years of the Group Stage, the best and brightest have found themselves in the brackets. 32 cards, single elimination. Here's the first half of Round 1. Voting closes Monday. Let's roll em.

Brackets Match 1: 1993 Commanders of the Hill Jose Rijo vs. 1991 Post Chris Sabo

Brackets Match 2: 1989 Cap'n Crunch Eric Davis vs. 1989 Hills Danny Jackson

Brackets Match 3: 1991 Jimmy Dean Barry Larkin vs. 1990 Ames Eric Davis

Brackets Match 4: 1994 Tombstone Barry Larkin vs. 1995 Kraft Barry Larkin

Brackets Match 5: 1990 Hills Eric Davis vs. 1982 Reds Yearbook Tom Seaver

Brackets Match 6: 1990 Kay-Bee Ken Griffey vs. 1985 Drake's Dave Parker

Brackets Match 7: 1982 Squirt Dave Concepcion vs. 1991 Conlon Eppa Rixey

Brackets Match 8: 1993 Milk Bone Barry Larkin vs. 1989 Toys 'R Us Chris Sabo

Go Reds.

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