Sunday, January 10, 2016

Completely Red: 1950 Bowman

Yes. I now have a new 'oldest team set.' 1950 Bowman are such great cards. Nice colors. Cool backgrounds. Bowman really stepped it up after their goofy 1949 red color-bomb release. I've had the Klu since I was a kid. I then got all but the short-print Grady Hatton in quick order once I started collecting again (yes, the early numbers are short prints, somehow). After over a year of sitting around, one card short, I bit down and paid $4.80 for Mr. Hatton. Including shipping. Totally worth it.

Some of them are in less-than-favorable condition, but I have never cared about that. At all. The set is done. Boom.


Cards - 12

RC's - 2 (Howard Fox, Lloyd Merriman)

All Stars - 5 (Grady Hatton, Ted Kluszewski, Ewell Blackwell, Peanuts Lowrey, Johnny Wyrostek)

Reds Hall of Famers - 2 (Ewell Blackwell, Ted Kluszewski)

Moldy Merrimans - 1


26 Grady Hatton 
27 Herman Wehmeier 
62 Ted Kluszewski 
63 Ewell Blackwell 
80 Howard Fox 
81 Ron Northey 
116 Red Stallcup 
168 Bob Scheffing 
172 Harry Lowrey 
173 Lloyd Merriman 
197 Johnny Wyrostek 
198 Danny Litwhiler 

Go Reds.