Monday, October 5, 2015

The Oddball World Cup

I am a crazy person. I just wrapped up a big stupid tournament and I'm starting an even bigger even stupider tournament. Embrace the crazy, people.

What nonsense am I cooking up this time? Well an Oddball World Cup, of course. Why World Cup? Because I'm setting it up like the World Cup, where there are 32 teams in 8 groups of 4, you play everyone in your group, then half of each group moves on to a bracket. Ah, but remember... I'm crazy. So instead of 8 groups, I'm doing 16. Instead of 4 per group, I'm doing 6. That's 96 big, sexy oddballs, fighting it out in the ring.

Since I want to plow through this, each match will only have two days for voting. If that means no one read this silly little blog in those two days, then so be it. Nil-nil tie.


96 oddball Reds cards were chosen. What makes a card an 'oddball'? You know. Whatever.
No set is allowed to be represented more than once.
Cards are randomly placed in 16 groups of 6.
Each card goes head-to-head against each other card in its group.
Top 2 cards in each group move on to the brackets.
A champion is crowned.

Oh man. Get excited. First match-ups will be up tomorrow.

Here are past tourney winners, for historical purposes.

Ridiculous Tournament (512 cards): 1957 Topps Ted Kluszewski

Ugstravaganza (100 cards): 2012 UD Goodwin Champions Pete Rose

Non-Topps Non Bowman Vintage (32 cards): 1941 Play Ball Frank McCormick

Go Reds.