Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Oddball World Cup: Groups A/B, Second Pairings

We've made it into the second matches. Nice. Every card has had a showdown. A few were dominant. A few bit the dust. Now is the time to establish yourself as the card to beat.

As always, vote for your favorite. Voting closes Thursday at noon. Go Reds.

Group A/Match 4: 1989 Bazooka Chris Sabo vs. 2000 Starting Lineup Scott Williamson

Group A/Match 5: 1993 King B Discs Jose Rijo vs. 2001 Sunoco Tony Perez/Joe Morgan

Group A/Match 6: 1993 Commanders of the Hill Jose Rijo vs. 1992 Post Barry Larkin

Group B/Match 4: 1987 Ralston Purina Dave Parker vs. 1995 Tombstone Barry Larkin

Group B/Match 5: 1991 Post Chris Sabo vs. 2000 Klosterman Joe Morgan

Group B/Match 6: 1991 Collect-A-Books Jose Rijo vs. 1989 Pacific Legends Tony Cuccinello

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