Friday, October 16, 2015

New Vintage Kellogg's and Hostess

Yeah, one does not need a clever title when one has the deliciousness of 70's Kellogg's and Hostess. Let's go.

1979 Hostess Ken Griffey. Standard 1970's tilted background shot.

1976 Hostess Don Gullett. Tons of extra border around the dotted line. This means, of course, that this card has gem mint corners. Technically.

1982 Kellogg's George Foster. See, these cards are of superstars, so there's stars around the edge. Nailed it.

1979 Hostess George Foster. That batting helmet can't hide those sweet sideburns.

1978 Hostess Dave Concepcion. Something unpleasant is happening stage right.

1982 Kellogg's Tom Seaver. Yes, Tom Seaver is a Red. Not a Met. A Red.

Go Reds.

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