Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hey, It's One of Those Posts Everyone Else Is Doing

So I suppose the dawning of a new calendar year is the time where we all 1) Look back on what we've done regarding our silly little collections in 2014 and 2) Decide what we plan on doing with our silly little collections in 2015. 'Tis the style of the time, yes? So let's take a look back at The Red Cardboard Collecting Manifesto and see if I've lived up to my unreasonably lofty standards.

The Red Cardboard Collecting Manifesto

1. Don't set any specific goals
2. Be a cheapass
Ok. In 2014, did I set any specific goals? No. Rule number one: SUCCESS.
In 2014, was I a cheapass? Yes. Rule number two: SUCCESS.
Sweet. Any of you diddling little potsers meet all of your 2014 goals? Doubtful. Bow down.
For 2015, will I set any specific goals? NO. That would defy The Manifesto. Will I continue to be a cheapass? Ummmm...yeah. Here's to another year of soft corners, implanted jersey swatches, minis, prospects, redemption failures, pack ripping, card ripping, airbrushed unis, and commons, commons, commons.
Go Reds.


  1. Big ol' thumbs up on meeting your goals! I had to go back to my first post from 2014 to see if I had my own goals, and they were "Knock cards off my wantlist and have fun." Mission accomplished. I'm going to unofficially adopt your 2015 goals as well.

  2. Have fun. That's what this is all about.