Friday, January 30, 2015

Completely Red: 2013 Topps 1972 Minis

Hey, remember these things? They were all the rage wayyyyyy back in 2013. I miss em. I think there should be an 800 card set of these. Check that. I think there should be a 1972 mini of every player that has ever played baseball. I want 1500 different minis of every Red since 1869, or whenever. Get it done, Topps. We'd buy the hell out of a 20,000 card all-time 1972 minis set. Just don't throw in any parallels. 


Cards - 6

RC's - 0

All Stars - 6 (Votto, Cueto, Phillips, Bench, Davis, Morgan)

Hall of Famers - 2 (Bench, Morgan)

Reds Hall of Famers - 3 (Bench, Davis, Morgan)

Future Reds Hall of Famers - 3 (Votto, Cueto, Phillips)

Actually on the 1972 Reds Roster - 2 (Bench, Morgan)


16 Joey Votto
17 Johnny Cueto
72 Brandon Phillips
80 Johnny Bench
81 Eric Davis
90 Joe Morgan

Go Reds.

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