Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2014 Topps Mini Box Break Goodies

Cards on Cards ran a wicked-cheap box break a few weeks ago. I was prompt enough to snag the Reds and lucky enough to land one of the hits.

2014 Topps Mini Pink Zack Cozart #'d 13/25. Nice. Cool photo, low serial number, worth the price of the break on its own. As for the base cards,

I landed eight, just a tad above expectations. And in yet another turn of fortunate events, of the 14 from the set I already had, only two of these were doubles (just under a 10% probability of doubling up two or fewer, for you math nerds out there). Not bad at all.

Now, onto the pursuit of the 6 missing cards from the base set.

Go Reds.

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